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New Band: Shimmering Stars

Shimmering Stars are not from a Disney film, contrary to their girly name

Don’t lets hold that against them though. They recently put out a four track 7″ EP on Almost Musique and every track is excellent. Yes, they’re doing that retro surf-pop thing that everyone and their surf-dogs are doing at the moment, but songs like ‘East Van Girls’ and ‘I’m Gonna Try’ are just too good to callously lump on top of the Hipstamatic retro pile.

You see new bands? This is how you should be doing things. Don’t record an album of mediocre material with stolen Pro Tools: record an EP’s worth of AMAZING songs (in a studio or on tape) that make me react like this kid.

Anyway, enough gabbing. Check out ‘East Van Girls’ below and stream the whole EP through Almost Musique’s SoundCloud page. Then go BUY IT.

Shimmering Stars