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New Band: FAMY

FAMY’s ‘Dogg Dogg’ deserves to be played through your biggest speakers

I’m serious. Listen to it. THAT’S INSANE MUSIC. Who writes a song like that? It sounds like some kind of 22nd Century sacrificial moon dance. What does that even mean? I don’t know! That’s how I can tell it’s good! Look at the ecstatic punctuation I’m using!

The other good thing about ‘Dogg Dogg’ is that it has a real, bona fide guitar solo at the end that sounds like it’s made from tiny drops of pure joy.

So those are the good points. These are the bad points:

FAMY sounds like a name chosen because it was SEO friendly

– Who writes the best track of next year and then calls it ‘Dogg Dogg’?

– I know almost nothing else about them*

*This is also a very good thing.

I’ll reduce the level of non-sensical babble now so you can listen to the track.


New Band: Shimmering Stars

Shimmering Stars are not from a Disney film, contrary to their girly name

Don’t lets hold that against them though. They recently put out a four track 7″ EP on Almost Musique and every track is excellent. Yes, they’re doing that retro surf-pop thing that everyone and their surf-dogs are doing at the moment, but songs like ‘East Van Girls’ and ‘I’m Gonna Try’ are just too good to callously lump on top of the Hipstamatic retro pile.

You see new bands? This is how you should be doing things. Don’t record an album of mediocre material with stolen Pro Tools: record an EP’s worth of AMAZING songs (in a studio or on tape) that make me react like this kid.

Anyway, enough gabbing. Check out ‘East Van Girls’ below and stream the whole EP through Almost Musique’s SoundCloud page. Then go BUY IT.

Shimmering Stars


New Band: Whales In Cubicles

Whales In Cubicles are exactly as awesome as their name would suggest

Check these chaps out, they’re the second new band I’ve heard through Track In The Box (the other being Sunderbans) and, although they occasionally have some questionable offerings, Whales In Cubicles more than make up for the duds. As evidenced by the track below ‘100 Years Of Solitary Franchising’.

They’re taking the best bits of ‘Fracture’-era (as in the zine) UK punk rock, Future Of The Left and Queens Of The Stone Age and and mashing it in your face like a school bully with yellow snow…

Check out this video in which they have subtly super-imposed TVs for their heads. Why haven’t YOU made a video in which you’ve super-imposed a rear-projection TV for your head? Because YOU’RE not as awesome as Whales In Cubicles, that’s why.

Whales In Cubicles

New Band: Sunderbans

Sunderbans have infected my head with their ‘Road Kill’ song

This is a post about a new band called Sunderbans and their song ‘Road Kill’. There you go SEO bods, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anyways, considering how popular The National are right now (not that they haven’t earned it) and how, if you think about it, they’re a very English sounding band, it’s surprising that more Angles haven’t tried to pick up the idea of morbidly melodic indie rock and run with it in a quirky way. Like on ‘Chariots Of Fire’.

This is where that band I mentioned, Sunderbans, come in. It’s not just The National though, there are bits of Joy Division and Bon Iver in there as well. ‘Road Kill’ in particular has got its talons in me. It’s beautifully morbid and yet somehow  uplifting and  it won’t leave my head. Possibly unofficial video below.

Sunderbans 'Road Kill'