I’m in my 20s, I live in London. I’ve worked at both Zavvi (RIP) and HMV. I started writing about music when I was 14 and started my own webzine (‘Blacklisted’) when I was 16, it was mainly punk/alternative based. I eventually canned that because of a heavy university workload and because my tastes had broadened. I wrote my dissertation on Bob Dylan (and gained a first). My favourite band is the Beach Boys. After uni I was a regular contributor to three website/magazines.  In 2010 I moved from London to Bath and became Staff Writer for Total Guitar magazine for two years before moving on to MusicRadar.com. Recently I’ve gone freelance and am now writing for Total Guitar, Guitarist, MusicRadar.com and NME.com. I’m not too fussy about genres, I’m into most things except house and anything to do with TV talent competitions. My name is Matt.

Get in touch! Unless you are spammers, in which case, go to hell! Should such a place exist.

mattparkerfreelance(at sign)gmail.com



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