Treasures: Naked Raygun ‘Vanilla Blue’

‘Vanilla Blue’ by Naked Raygun is only half as long as it should be

I had an unnamed live version of this track for about ten years and, thanks to the double-edged sword that is Spotify*, I’ve recently been able to identify it.  It turns out that ‘Vanilla Blue’ is one of Naked Raygun‘s biggies.

Until now though, I’ve just been too busy doing other important things, like organising my Filofax and making badges, to investigate it properly.

Back to the programme. I’m not even sure how I got hold of this song. It just sort of turned up on my computer when I wasn’t looking and I loved it immediately.

It probably fell off the back of a digital lorry, to be honest. It was in the hazy pre-iTunes days, before the internet became purely about status updates (“COFFEE! LOLZ”), pictures of cats and videos of girls putting things into other girls.

*Remember Jonathan? He annoyed the shit out of me. And, when he finally fucked off, he took the entire Bob Dylan catalogue with him. Bastard!

Naked Raygun 'Vanilla Blue'


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