New Band: FAMY

FAMY’s ‘Dogg Dogg’ deserves to be played through your biggest speakers

I’m serious. Listen to it. THAT’S INSANE MUSIC. Who writes a song like that? It sounds like some kind of 22nd Century sacrificial moon dance. What does that even mean? I don’t know! That’s how I can tell it’s good! Look at the ecstatic punctuation I’m using!

The other good thing about ‘Dogg Dogg’ is that it has a real, bona fide guitar solo at the end that sounds like it’s made from tiny drops of pure joy.

So those are the good points. These are the bad points:

FAMY sounds like a name chosen because it was SEO friendly

– Who writes the best track of next year and then calls it ‘Dogg Dogg’?

– I know almost nothing else about them*

*This is also a very good thing.

I’ll reduce the level of non-sensical babble now so you can listen to the track.


One response to “New Band: FAMY

  1. love love it

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