Treasures: Gotan Project ‘Paris, Texas’

It’s probably time I posted Gotan Project’s version of ‘Paris, Texas’

Ah… The summer. Breathe it in. Don’t really, it’s pissing it down and that moisture primarily consists of evaporated fox piss. If we did have the balmy summer nights that I definitely remember from my adolescence, though, when there was excitement in the air, pollen in the fields and, err, fish in the sea, I would definitely recommend listening to the Gotan Project’s cover of Ry Cooder’s theme from ‘Paris, Texas’.

In fact, even now that it’s raining and summer has apparently taken up permanent residence in the months of April and May, I STILL recommend you listen to it, just in case a warm desert night wafts by without you noticing.

Also check out the film directed Wim Wenders because that’s good too, unless you like your films to have explosions and babes in. I did film at university. You can probably tell. My favourite film is ‘Hook’.

Gotan Project 'Paris, Texas'

Image: Roberto Berlim, Wikimedia (used under Creative Commons)


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