Treasures: Led Zeppelin ‘Out On The Tiles’

Tom Morello told me ‘Out On The Tiles’ is his favourite riff of all time

So, not too long ago, Tom Morello phoned my house to talk about guitar riffs. It was great, he was super-friendly, not afraid to talk  about Rage Against The Machine stuff (even though he was promoting Street Sweeper Social Club at the time) and good with the quotes too. My 16 year-old self would have messed his inexperienced pants. My 25 year-old self came pretty close. In fact, the whole thing was pretty surreal.

Mainly though, I was just glad of two things:
1) He wasn’t an arsehole
2) He still REALLY loves playing guitar

Anyway, ‘Out On The Tiles’ is a great pick. Not as well-known (read: over-played) as ‘Whole Lotta Love’, but recognisable all the same, it’s got a pop bounce that sticks with you. Touch my video box to hear it.

Robert Plant

Image: Dina Regine, Wikimedia (used under Creative Commons)


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