Treasures: The Chills ‘Pink Frost’

The Chills ‘Pink Frost’ is almost definitely not about cake

Sat at home one night recently, I hit upon the very clever idea of making a playlist of my favourite songs for the walk to work. Pretty innovative, I know. I reasoned that listening to tracks I treasure, rather than have to review, might get my days off to a better start. Four hours and about 250 songs later (I shit you not) it was done. What was at the top? ‘Pink Frost’ by The Chills.

It throws you a curveball (baseball analogy from an Englishman, oh dear) this one – everything’s all happy bunnies and sunshine lollipops to begin with and then from nowhere it dives into a completely gut-wrenching guitar line. It’s nostalgic, paranoid, brutally honest and in it’s own way very beautiful.

Favourite song ever? Fuck knows, it changes with the wind.

The Chills 'Pink Frost'


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