New Band: Whales In Cubicles

Whales In Cubicles are exactly as awesome as their name would suggest

Check these chaps out, they’re the second new band I’ve heard through Track In The Box (the other being Sunderbans) and, although they occasionally have some questionable offerings, Whales In Cubicles more than make up for the duds. As evidenced by the track below ‘100 Years Of Solitary Franchising’.

They’re taking the best bits of ‘Fracture’-era (as in the zine) UK punk rock, Future Of The Left and Queens Of The Stone Age and and mashing it in your face like a school bully with yellow snow…

Check out this video in which they have subtly super-imposed TVs for their heads. Why haven’t YOU made a video in which you’ve super-imposed a rear-projection TV for your head? Because YOU’RE not as awesome as Whales In Cubicles, that’s why.

Whales In Cubicles


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