New Band: Sunderbans

Sunderbans have infected my head with their ‘Road Kill’ song

This is a post about a new band called Sunderbans and their song ‘Road Kill’. There you go SEO bods, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anyways, considering how popular The National are right now (not that they haven’t earned it) and how, if you think about it, they’re a very English sounding band, it’s surprising that more Angles haven’t tried to pick up the idea of morbidly melodic indie rock and run with it in a quirky way. Like on ‘Chariots Of Fire’.

This is where that band I mentioned, Sunderbans, come in. It’s not just The National though, there are bits of Joy Division and Bon Iver in there as well. ‘Road Kill’ in particular has got its talons in me. It’s beautifully morbid and yet somehow  uplifting and  it won’t leave my head. Possibly unofficial video below.

Sunderbans 'Road Kill'


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