Album Review: Yacht – See Mystery Lights

YACHT coverAlbum Review: Yacht – See Mystery Lights [DFA]

Portland electro duo YACHT (they like their capitals) first caught Rivmixx’s eye when they ably filled the support slot on Patrick Wolf‘s pre ‘Bachelor’ tour. Exuding a confidence rarely found in supporting artists, the duo – who bare more than a passing resemblance to the Eurythmics – were ably blasting out choice electro-pop cuts, much to the delight of the assembled Wolf pack.

On ‘See Mystery Lights’ Yacht have graduated from Jona Bechtolt‘s solo bedroom project into a charismatic pop juggernaut. The duo seem to specialise in marrying state of the art sampling and programming with ’80s production techniques and, as a result, come across like Midnight Oil covering Kraftwerk.

Delighting in challenging and cheerfully goading preconceptions of life, death and religion, tunes such as ‘Psychic City (Voodoo City)’ see YACHT at their best, deftly combining intelligent lyrics with disco hooks and pop harmonies. In addition, ‘Summer Song’ is not short on charm and the dreamy production touches conjure up images of simmering traffic jams, paddling pools and stifling city nights.

As is often the case with dance-influenced indie artists, some of the tracks don’t translate well to home listening. However, these are often the same tracks that keep an audience moving in a live situation and that’s where YACHT really shine.

Matt Parker

Available now.

Written for Rivmixx


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