Album Review: The Stupids – The Kids Don’t Like It

stupids coverAlbum Review: The Stupids – The Kids Don’t Like It [Boss Tuneage]

Influential 80s punks, The Stupids, latest album – their first for 21 years – has created something of a nostalgia trip for this reviewer. It seems they are responsible for creating much of the music that inspired Rivmixx to put hand to keyboard.

For a start, the album’s out on Boss Tuneage – a label which nurtured this reviewer through his wilderness years. The group’s one-time bassist (Wolfie Retard) is a member of DIY pop-punk outfit Lovejunk – who had the privilege of being this writer’s first interviewees. On top of this drummer/song-writer Tom Withers now produces DnB and techno under the name Klute and is responsible for ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ – this writer’s favourite DnB tune.

Nostalgia and coincidence aside, Rivmixx had to question the validity of a reformed Stupids. Punk, generally, is a young person’s game after all and the unique combination of righteous anger, high tempos and a dash of idiocy are generally the special reserve of the teenager.

Fortunately though, The Stupids seem to have neatly side-stepped the whole problem, by simply refusing to grow up. The guitar sound is still blistering and the vocals are still snarling, the only thing that’s matured is the songwriting.

Rarely breaking the two minute mark, ‘The Kids Don’t Like It’ is a mile-a-minute fusion of Jawbreaker, Husker Du and early ’80s American hardcore. Some songs are cranked up a notch and rely more heavily on the latter of those reference points, creeping closer to the sound of their early albums – ‘Middle Aged Punk’, in particular, springs to mind.

This band made NME covers and toured Australia and the US in their day, since then though, their achievements and influence have remained largely unsung. Hopefully, this modest gem of a record will bring the collective the recognition that they deserve. A must for any self-respecting punk/DIY fan.

Matt Parker

Available now.

Written for Rivmixx


One response to “Album Review: The Stupids – The Kids Don’t Like It

  1. the stupids return after a decade or more out…but if you thought the old stupids rocked…boy wait till you hear this HXC

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