Album Review: Lucky Elephant – Star Sign Trampoline

Album Review: big_174f486ce6ca88461a7efe6d24a77a3eLucky Elephant – Star Sign Trampoline [Sunday Best]

‘Star Sign Trampoline’ is the debut album from the Isle of Wight’s Lucky Elephant. Despite the rainfall that was present every time Rivmixx has visited said island, the group thrive on constructing warm, sunshiny lo-fi pop tunes.

The album opens with the comforting tones of ‘Lucky Elephant’, a song that would be at home in the opening scenes of a Richard Curtis film, in fact, it wouldn’t sound out of place on Badly Drawn Boy‘s ‘About A Boy’ soundtrack. Proceeding tune ‘Edgar’ is a festival pop hit in waiting and it’s already being used on Bestival‘s website – all happy plinking keys and upbeat drums. In addition, French singer Manu’s vocals really add an interesting edge to the whole record as his accent softens his English and adds to the nostalgic summer atmosphere.

Manu says the songs on ‘Star Sign Trampoline’ are about “modern living and the ticking struggle it creates… about how we want to live our lives versus how we have been biologically programmed to live them.” This is certainly evident within the lyrical content and the songs work as a great antidote to a morning’s commute.

It’s not all cider and bike rides though, Lucky Elephant, like the urban landscapes they write about (and against), have a seedy underbelly. Heavy bass-lines underline the twee-melodies and are brought to the fore in ‘Modern Life, Changing People’, a track that combines dub low-end and unsettlingly-catchy chord structures, offering a nice spot of ‘night-music’ on a predominantly ‘day-time’ album. It’s this reviewer’s pick of the bunch, using conventions of several different styles, but refusing to pick a side.

In ‘Star Sign Trampoline’ Lucky Elephant have brought us a strong debut and one that sounds remarkably well-developed for a first effort. However, a little more diversity would not go amiss among this occasionally over-uniformed collection.

Matt Parker

Available now.

Written for Rivmixx.


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