Album Review: Dog Is Blue – Makes Ghost Noises

dogisblue_makesghostnoises_coversmallAlbum Review: Dog Is Blue – Makes Ghost Noises [Facekick]

SOUNDS LIKE: Leonard Cohen‘s Grandson’s Basement Duo

Ontario residents, Dog Is Blue, bring us a rather lovely collection of lo-fi folk tunes. Most tracks are built around budget synthesisers, softly strummed guitars and the crackling vocals of singer Paul (last name unknown). Lyrics tend to lean on the poetic side and tread a fine line between meaningful and cheesey, occasionally veering into the latter category (‘Wish’). This is often the case with new artists, and Dog Is Blue would do well to have a little more confidence in their/his song-writing abilities. Musically ‘Makes Ghost Noises’ is reminiscent of the kind of compact folk/indie gems found in the Spielberg-hyped film Once; all fragile vocals, female backing, guitars and xylophones.

It’s a nice record and an excellent little personal project, but it lacks the ambition and musical spread to really push it over into stronger artistic territory. Among the album’s stand-out tracks, and clearly one of Paul’s favourites (as he reprises the track at the album’s close) is ‘Raise Your Dead’, a nice melody laden track in which subtle instrumental flourishes result in a rewarding listen. However, the ideas from ‘Raise Your Dead’ are used repeatedly throughout the record to less successful ends and a bit more variety in the song-writing would have been welcome.

Matt Parker

Available now.

Written for SoundProof


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