Album Review: Days Were Like Lakes – Light Gets In

COVER.FRONT.LightGetsIn(BlueSkyBrownCityCover)(ResizedSmaller)Album Review: Days Were Like Lakes – Light Gets In [Self Released]

SOUNDS LIKE: A manically depressed Final Fantasty.

Apparently hailing from sunny Carolina, Days Were Like Lakes sound more like something that would come out of mid-winter in Nebraska, or better yet, Finland. You know, far north, past the arctic circle where you get four hour days and can hear a deer treading through the snow 2 miles away.

‘Light Gets In’ is a focused atmospheric record, that is not a afraid to indulge in the avant-garde and more left-field of song-writing practices. A deep sense of foreboding seems to hang over the whole collection and this is only emphasised by the gloomy vocals. There are a lot of interesting production flourishes at work, samples, synths and manipulated loops lay next to cavernous guitars and drums. It’s all used to great effect and tracks like ‘Wow & Flutter & Hiss’ have an almost trip-hop vibe. Days Were Like Lakes do have a tendency to over-indulge in their sonic-experiments though, and tracks like ‘Beekeeper’ – at a totally unnecessary, seven minutes long – are bordering on audio-masturbation.

Matt Parker

Available now.

Written for SoundProof


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