Live Review: Patrick Wolf @ the Electric Ballroom (01/06/09)

patrick wolfLive Review: Patrick Wolf @ The Electric Ballroom

You are all obviously entitled to your own opinions, but Patrick Wolf is one sexy motherfucker. I came to this realisation roughly at the point when he unzipped his red body warmer, ripped his vest, pulled it down to his waist and then climbed the lighting rig; all without missing a note.

Following a lengthy tour, Wolf initially seemed tired, but after a nominally shaky start and a few problems with sound, he threw himself whole-heartedly into a storming performance. The opening number, ‘Vulture’ saw Wolf appear on stage replete with huge feathered shoulder pads. The shoulder pads were then removed and the red jumpsuit revealed as the dulcet tones and firework samples of ‘Bluebells’ kicked in.

The reason Wolf has such a loyal following is due to his ability to share himself with his fans, to be remarkably candid with them. As he sat down, breathless between songs, he introduced ‘The Bachelor’, the new album’s title track. ‘It’s been a struggle to get this point, but I had a moment when I saw the album on the shelves today… I feel like when you watch a video and you’re embarrassed because you don’t want to cry in front of your friends…’ Yeah. You had to be there.

A short break before an encore brought on another costume change and a change in tack to higher energy numbers. Of particular note was the almost metal tinged ‘Hard Times’, ‘Magic Position’, with it’s immense breakdown, and early classic ‘The Libertine’. The audience continually clamored for more and was finally sated by final track ‘Accident and Emergency’, ‘I’m meant to be on the radio,’ he beams, ‘but I can’t leave you like this!’

A special mention should also go to support band YACHT who put on an amazing show. Imagine the Eurhythmics, but both of them have charisma. Great electro-pop numbers, hilarious stage chat and a fantastic sense of style meant they were a highly appropriate choice.

Matt Parker

Written for SoundProof


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