Album Review: Crystal Antlers- Tentacles

crystal antlers tentacles cover art

Album Review: Crystal Antlers – Tentacles [Touch and Go]

SOUNDS LIKE: At The Drive-In covering Vampire Weekend songs in a ’60s garage

WHY/WHY NOT:  There’s a lot of hype surrounding this debut full-length from California’s Crystal Antlers. This is probably because a band of 60s psych-obsessees with punk-rock ethics and an interesting back story involving vegetable oil is the stuff that moistens journalists underwear. It could also be because their self-titled EP, released last year caused quite a stir.

This reviewer though, couldn’t care less about their chimney-sweeping, automobile abusing antics and so it’s very fortunate that tracks such as ‘Dust’ and ‘Andrew’ prove that they can write good songs. A heady combination of screams, guitar solos and organ bashing, the overall effect is one of a malfunctioning fairground ride. However, it’s ‘Swollen Sky’ with its brooding, desperate chord progressions and wailing guitar lines that is the true highlight. Overall it’s an admirable debut, but sometimes it feels like ‘Tentacles’ lacks the variety that would make it a great album.

Matt Parker

Available now.

Written for SoundProof


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