Album Review: Bob Mould – Life and Times

bob mould life and times coverAlbum Review: Bob Mould – Life and Times [Anti Records]

SOUNDS LIKE: It’s Bob Mould! It sounds like a guy who has given up trying to escape from the seminal ’80s post-punk sound he created.

WHY/WHY NOT: So I’m going to be straight with you from the start — his solo stuff (of which this is the 9th collection) is not as good as Husker Du or Sugar. Quelle surprise, right? Having recovered from this tumultuous shock you may continue to read if you feel up to it. It is now bang on 30 years since Husker Du formed and at 50, Bob Mould is showing little sign of slowing down.

As his press sheet goes to great lengths to explain, ‘Life and Times’ is not biographical, but apparently his soon to be released biography will be. Nevertheless, the album does seem to take stock of Mould’s various musical incarnations. ‘Spiraling Down’ encapsulates it all particularly neatly, starting like something from ‘Warehouse Songs and Stories’ before breaking to a ’90s alt-rock bridge and then sneaking in some gentle synth lines as it is draws to a close.

Matt Parker

Available now.

Written for SoundProof


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